Bunyip Agricultural Show Society Inc.

Bunyip & District Agricultural Society Rules & Regulations

1.    Entries to the show are accepted subject to the Rules & Regulations of the Society and the entrant agrees to be bound by those Rules and Regulations.
2.    The entrant also agrees to abide by all decisions made by the Society, by the group with which it is affiliated or by VAS Ltd. Pursuant to those Rules and Regulations and by-laws.
3.    In case of dispute as to the construction of these regulations the same will be determined by the Society.
4.    Entry money must be forwarded with entries. Cheques, postal notes and money orders must be made payable to Bunyip & District Agricultural Society Inc.
5.    No refund on entry money.
6.    Proof of age must be presented, if required, in children’s events.
7.    It shall be the duty of the Stewards to prevent anyone interfering with the judges and if necessary, order the removal of such offender from the ground.
8.    The stewards have power to disqualify insolent exhibitors.
9.    The judges may award a second or third prize in place of a first or withhold prize altogether when the exhibits are not of sufficient merit.
10.  All persons exhibiting shall accept the decision of the judges appointed by the Society, and in case of protests, the decision of the Disputes Committee shall be final and without appeal.
11.  All protests must be lodged before 5.00 p.m. on the day of the Show accompanied by a deposit of $50 which will be forfeited if the Disputes Committee considers the protest frivolous.
12.  The Society may withhold any prizes when statements have been erroneously made regarding an exhibit and exhibitors guilty of false entries may be debarred from again exhibiting and if members, will be expelled from the Society.
13.  The Society reserves the right to substitute trophies for prize money in any section.
14.  All prizes and prize money not collected by 5.00 p.m. on Show Day shall be forfeited.
15.  The society reserves the right to alter or amend the program and alter or substitute judges if necessary.
16.  The Society reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject from the showgrounds any person. And refuse an exhibit or an exhibitor without giving any reason.

17.  All livestock must show good health, be eating normally and not showing any signs of respiratory disease during the last 3 days prior to the show. The Society has the right to call for a veterinary inspection of any animal suspected of illness at any time during the course of the show, fees incurred to be paid by the exhibitor.
18.  In the event of a restriction of movement of livestock due to diseases such as equine influenza, exhibitors agree that a Standstill is a risk of competing at this event and agree to pay all costs or expenses incurred by themselves and their livestock as a result of the quarantine period.
19.  The Society reserves the right of refusing to admit any exhibit into the Showgrounds which they have reason to suspect is diseased, dangerous or otherwise disapproved of as an exhibit and of removing such exhibit from the Showgrounds.
20.  All Riders ride at their own risk and wear headgear to the current approved standard.
21.  Stallions must be under the control of a responsible person aged 18 years or older.
22.  Stallions are permitted to compete in their respective classes as stated in the schedule, and their ridden breed classes only. They are not permitted to compete in the Fun Ring events, or in open classes, with the exception of the Bunyip saddle horse challenge (class SC1).

23.  Every person making a Pavilion entry will receive a ticket stating Section and Number from Secretary on staging exhibits.
24.  Each Pavilion exhibitor must place his or her exhibit in the proper class where directed by the Steward, with the ticket received from the Secretary attached to exhibit.
25.  Pavilion exhibits must not be removed before 3.15 p.m.
26.  Persons in charge of exhibits must conform to the direction of the Stewards as to the placing, removal and custody of their exhibits and shall leave the place of Judging before the judging begins, unless directed by the Stewards to remain.
27.  Exhibitors refusing to attach prize card to any exhibit to which a prize has been awarded and to keep same on during the exhibition will, on proof thereof to the committee be disqualified from receiving any prizes awarded such exhibit.
28.  All produce must be grown by the exhibitor and goods or other exhibits made by the exhibitor.
29.  To be eligible for Most Successful Exhibitor, Classes must have 2 or more entries.

30.  Bunyip and District Agricultural Society Inc. (the Society) is committed to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally acceptable showgrounds for all stakeholders. We shall maintain an effective health and safety program so far as practicable and endeavour to comply with all Statutory and Common Law requirements.
31.  All competitors and exhibitors have a “Duty of Care” to avoid exposing themselves or other people to unsafe situations that could lead to injury.
32.  The Society will not tolerate abusive, aggressive behaviour and bad language. Any incidents of this type may result in disqualification from any or all events, and removal from the Showgrounds.
33.  All competitors and exhibitors shall take part in competitions or attend their exhibits at their own risk and in case any exhibit whilst on the Society’s grounds shall cause or because of injury or damage to other exhibits, competitors or exhibitors or to the purpose or property of any member of the Society or the general public, the owner or owners of such exhibit shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Society, its officers and members, property and effects from and against all damage, costs, claims expenses or liabilities incurred in connection with such exhibits.
34.  All persons connected with or engaging in any risk or activity in the arena and other departments do so at their own risk.
35.  It shall be a condition of entry to the showground that no person shall hold the Society responsible for any accident that may be caused thereon through or by any exhibit. Competitors also enter, ride and otherwise take part at their own risk.
36.  The Society shall not in any circumstances hold itself responsible for any loss by fire, storm, and damage by water, flood or lightning. Exhibits and displays shall be accepted only on this condition.
37.  In the lead up to, or on the day of the Show, the Society may choose to cancel any or all events in its discretion, in the event of adverse weather or another unforseen emergency that may arise.
38.  The Society accepts no liability for injury to honorary judges in discharge of their duties at the Show, or in travelling to and from the Show.
39.  The greatest care is taken of all exhibits but the Society will not be responsible for any accident mistake, loss or damage from whatsoever cause arising. All exhibits are at the sole risk of the exhibitor.
40.  That no side-show is allowed on the ground without payment of fee to be fixed by the Society according to the type and size of the side-show and they must have public liability insurance coverage.
41.  All dogs owned by Showman's Guild members, competitors or general public, must be chained or held on a leash by owners.