The Agricultural and Horticultural Society's annual show was held on April 8 on the new show-ground. The total entries were over 500, and the display in all classes was a great improvement on previous years. The root crops, onions, and fruits were most creditable, showing that the soil on the reclaimed swamp land is specially adapted for such crops. The gate receipts reached nearly 50. Mr. J. Smethurst took first prize for draught stallion and draught mare. Mr J. A. Syme took the principal prizes in cattle. In fruit the chief prize takers were Messrs. Nash, F. B. Mitchell, C Pearson J Edehohle, and C. Pitt: in preserves, Mrs. Monser, Mrs. Mortimer, Mrs, Topp: in root crops, Miss Mortimer, Messrs. H. Mills, J. Jewer, S. Mutchett, It Stone, and J. K. Edehohle. Other classes were well represented. The weather was unfavourable

The Bunyip Agricultural Society was formed in 1899

The first show was held in March 1900

Snippets from the past


BUNYIP, Tuesday.

The Bunyip settlement is nearly all under water, and the river is still rising rapidly. Many families are leaving their homes, with their pigs and cattle, and are making their way to the Bunyip State School. All the houses and the hotels are full. Many poor settlers will be heavy losers. All the footbridges over the main drain between the five-mile and 14-mile points on the Koo-wee-rup Swamp have been swept away, and are washed up against the Five-mile Bridge, which is likely to go too; while the footbridges from the five-mile down to the railway line have gone as well. In some places in the swamp the water is lying from XX to XX deep



The fifth annual show of the Bunyip Agricultural Society was held on Wednesday, and was one of the most successful yet held. The exhibits of potatoes, onions, and fruit were numerous and of excellent quality; the numerous bundles of green maize showed really phenominal growth; and altogether the produce department served to convey a favourable impression of the fertility of the district. An exhibit which attracted a deal of attention was that of the Department of Agriculture, the display being tastefully arranged in a spacious marquee, at which a large number of spectators could be found throughout the day. The principal prize-takers were Horses J. T. Smethurst, T. Hornbuckle, P. XXXX, E. Richardson, K. A. English, Bourke Bros. Cattle Sime Bros. A. T. N. Facey, T. Hall, H. T. Gardner, K. Matchett, Swine A. Gibb, J Field, Poultry XXXX, H. Williams, C. B. Martin, B. A. Williams, Mortimer Bros, W. Wright.

View from Bunyip Township towards the showgrounds (early 1900s

View from showgrounds towards Bunyip Township (early 1900s)