Bunyip Ag Society
Bunyip and District Agricultural Society Inc.
Life Members

Life Members of the Bunyip and District Agricultural Society Inc.

The Bunyip & District Agricultural Society has enjoyed the benefit of many great people over the years.  We would not be able to function without the efforts of our many members and volunteers who contribute to the success of our show.

Our Life Members are recognised as being outstanding supporters of the Society and the Show over an extended period of time. We acknowledge and sincerely appreciate their contribution.

We are researching our records and archival information in an effort to publicly list them all here.

As at Incorporation:

Mr G A Little
Mr C McDermid
Mr K J Little
Mr H D Ronaldson
Mr G T Campbell
Mr P O Neill
Mr L H Baker

Mrs J McDermid
Mrs K Halvy

Mrs V Ronaldson
Mrs Y Little
Mrs G Kelleway
Mrs P Shallue
Mrs R Wakelam
Mrs B Campbell
Mrs H Kavanagh
Mrs L Cocks
Mrs R Baker
Mr W Weaver
Mrs J Proposch
Mrs W Earwicker
Mr L Kelleway

Mr W Bowman

Mr I Ryan

Mr K Halvey

Mr W Bickerton

Mr S McLeish

Mrs R Patton

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